Earnings disclaimer

Listen there is no way around having to put in some effort into getting better at something.

We do not believe or support “get rich quick.”

Our results are 14 years of testing, results, wins, and fails. We are happy to share and empower anyone who ready and willing to invest a little time and effort into learning how to email right.

Any earnings you see or income statements or examples are from real students or clients. All of which made the adjustments needed to see achieve their desired results.

How much money you can make from email is based on several factors, but it is all within your control. The more you want to make, the more you “may” have to invest. This is why its important to be realistic, with your exceptions. 

We can not guarantee results, since you are fully responsible to take action.

We know that when you take the actions we provide you, there is a 99.99% chance of success.

We can not force you to take action, but we are here to guide you along and support you. So by using this website you agree that your success or failures are ultimately your responsibility. 

Happy emailing 
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